Top 7 Reasons Why Steel is the Best Choice for Constructing Your New House

Steel has become the most prevalent and dominant material in the industry of future buildings and construction. From tall towering buildings to bridges to flyovers to cozy house to plush bungalows, steel has become the chief component to structural solutions. After all, it gives designers the freedom to mold this material to their dreams.

Top 7 Advantages of steel as a building material:

1. Adaptability and flexibility

Steel is one material that can be adjusted or changed to the need of the owner. For example, if the wall frames are made from steel, they can be repositioned any time in future in order to widen the space or to create a new layout at a much lower cost as no breaking of infrastructure would be required. This adaptability is only possible with steel frame walls.

2. Durability or Environmental Resistance

Steel can withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme forces such as winds, earthquakes, hurricanes and heavy snow. Being resistant to natural occurrences, these steel structures are able to thrive for years. As it doesn’t absorb water, it is unreceptive to rust and turns to be durable and long-lasting and thus resulting in low maintenance. Steel is not affected by termites, bugs, mildew, molds or fungi. Steel is fire resistant as compared to wood. Steel structures leave a positive impact on the environment as frequent remodeling or renovation is not required.

3. Completely Recyclable

Steel has 100 percent capability to be recycled. It is one of the most recycled and reusable material in the construction arena. Due to its high strength, it can be easily repurposed for other projects. Environment friendly constructions are using steel as building frameworks as this is an ideal choice as steel doesn’t lose its quality, durability and other properties while recycling.

4. Waste Reduction

While using steel in construction, each piece manufactured is designed, engineered, created and delivered according to the need at the point of destination. As it is custom designed, there is no wastage unlike a traditional house, where bundles of wood leave behind a huge amount of scrap while designing and cutting. As each steel piece is prefabricated in the factory to serve a specific function and is used completely, it becomes an environment-friendly choice also.

5. Reducing Energy Cost

Steel can support thick layers of insulation without compromising structural integrity. With thicker insulation, buildings don’t lose as much heat and this definitely reduces the electricity bill.

6. Energy Saving with Solar Panels

Steel has immense strength to support solar panels without any problem. As solar panels generate electricity for various devices and adds value to the building by cutting electricity bills.

7. Faster rate of construction

Steel parts are pre-engineered for specific designs inside a manufacturing unit. When ready, they are transported directly to the site where they are ready to use. This speeds up the construction and saves a lot of time, money and energy. Large-scale projects get completed at a much faster rate.

Structural steel is such a versatile building material that it has led to its inclusion in nearly every stage of construction. Steel structures have become other names of durability, affordability, and sustainability.

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